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Stump Removal

Even when a tree is cut down to ground level, the stump and root system will still remain in the ground.

Various types of tree can re-sprout from the remaining stump and continue to grow again. In these circumstances we have two solutions. We can either treat the stump with herbicide or eco plugs or alternatively, we can grind out the stump to below ground level. Stump grinding is especially useful if the tree has been removed for reasons of landscaping or fencing.

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About Stump Grinding

Stump grinding will shred what’s left of the tree’s stump into small wood chips. 

However, this method will leave the tree’s deep roots behind. These will usually lay 15-45cm below the ground and once the stump has been shredded, these will naturally decay over time. This can take years to happen naturally though. This process usually involves a large heavy-duty stump grinder.

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