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Tree Pruning

Trees can grow in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are tall with thin crowns, others have several main branches and spreading crowns. Pruning is the removal of parts of the tree, usually the branches or shoots, but sometimes roots, buds, flowers and fruits.

There are numerous reasons for pruning a tree. Some of the main ones include maintaining the health and appearance of the tree, controlling the size of the tree and maintaining the structural integrity of the tree.

As experienced arborists, we are able to assess the growth habit of trees by observing its response to the environment and previous pruning, therefore we are able to properly prune even the most unfamiliar of tree species.

Crown Reduction

When trees become too large or unsafe they can cause a variety of issues. Trees can interfere with buildings or overhead lines, block views or create unwanted shade.

In order to tackle these grievances Howe2 Trees can carry out crown reduction, this process involves removing branch tips to reduce the height and spread of the tree whilst still retaining its natural shape.

Do not worry, we also ensure that there is still plenty of leaf area left to maintain healthy tree growth and provide defence against disease and decay.

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Crown Raising

Crown raising is the removal of the lower branches of a tree. These branches can often obstruct traffic, signs and even interfere with buildings.

It is carried out in order to increase the clearance between lower branches and the ground, to allow people or traffic to pass underneath, clear sight lines, or allow light to reach the ground. The process of crown raising can also reduce stress on the tree by decreasing its load. This process causes minimal damage to the health of the tree, as long as the limbs that are removed are not too large.

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Tree Pruning

Crown Thinning

If you’re looking to reduce the shade cast by a tree, increase air movement on your ground or reduce the effect of wind on certain branches then crown thinning is the ideal service for you.

This process involves the removal of selected branching from the crown of the tree in a way that maintains the overall look and size of the tree whilst tackling the issues mentioned. Crown thinning can also be used to emphasise the trunk and branches of a tree to increase its aesthetic appeal.

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Pollarding is the practice of pruning the upper branches of a tree to maintain the tree at a smaller height than it would usually grow.

Pollarding is repeated on a cycle and has been practiced throughout the world for centuries. It is particularly useful for trees in urban areas where large trees can be pollarded to fit the area and complement the surrounding landscape. Pollarding only works on certain species of tree so please speak to our team if you are unsure.

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Hedge Cutting

Keeping your hedges well maintained can have a huge impact on the impression you make to those visiting your property.

Hedges can serve a multitude of purposes including providing boundaries between land, structure to the landscape and even privacy in some cases.

So, whether it’s a large conifer hedge or a smaller landscape hedge on your grounds, we can trim, reduce and provide a general tidy up of any hedges regardless of size and shape.

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